Dragon Breath Program

No Flame Mail Accepted

Dragon Breath is a first compile of the program. It has many rough edges, and it has a long way to go before it becomes a polished piece of software. No flame mail accepted!

Dragon Breath is a 64-bit Cocoa app that runs on Macintosh computers and recent versions of the MacOS and allows you to view the European Data Format (.edf) files saved by a ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP machine.

My plan is to make this a highly interactive and innovative program that will take your breath away in more ways than one. To get some idea of what this might become you might want to look at WildTools and Benchmark, my two other ventures in programming. WildTools is an add-on for PowerCADD, and it is widely regarded as the best set of drawing tools for any computer. Find WildTools at


Benchmark was created in collaboration with Matt Emerson for flight testing and performance analysis that allows you to create a performance model for a piston engine aircraft. Benchmark is now in the Mac App store as Sequoia Benchmark. Find information for Benchmark at


There are a few other programs for viewing these files, but I am out to create a spectacular advance in the state of the art for this very specialized field. I invite you to follow along and watch it happen.

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How It Works

Dragon Breath has a window into which you drag and drop European Data Format files (.edf)

And when you drag a couple of files into it, you get this....

This is just a first very rough copy of the software, and it's very rough and a long way from being a polished program.

You can choose what types of charts you are interested in seeing by clicking on the checkboxes. This doesn't delete anything, but just makes the charts visible or not.

These settings stay in place during the operation of the program. So if you are only interested in the Snore charts, for example, it will only show you these when you import new files, but all of the charts are imported. They are just not visible.

You may use the stepper controls at the left and right as a quick way to turn the principal groups on and off.


You can move the mouse over the view to see a basic interface (still very rough, no flame mail accepted).

Here you see a list of the charts from the .BRP and .PLD files, which are the only file types I'm able to open.

I was able to get into the CSL.edf, EVE.edf and SAD.edf files, but I was not able to get any useful information out of them, and I was also not able to find out what the .crc files are, but with only 8 bytes each, it's best to ignore all these. I don't think there is anything there to investigate, so I'm just going to delete them and for now I'm only looking at BRP and PLD files.

The black buttons set the visibility, and you just click on them to toggle between visible and invisible. You can click on the green buttons to highlight one of the charts so you can get a good look at it.

Move the mouse out of the window to see all the visible charts.



Dragon Breath