Sample Files & Program Download

In working on the sample files, I went through all of the folders in the DATALOG directory, eliminated all

.crc files
..CSL.edf files
..EVE.edf files
..SAD.edf files

This will leave you with

Then I went through and tried all of the remaining files and deleted all files that would not open.

So I then end up with directories with files that will always open.

That's a bit of a pain to do, but things get very easy once you've done this, because you can drag as many files into Dragon Breath as you like.

In time, I will have Dragon Breath handle all this automatically and only attempt to open files it can deal with. But first things first.

So to start things off, here is a selection of my files.

SampleFiles (20.9 MB)

You can notice a dramatic change in the leaks when I switched from the 'Darth Vader' mask to the Sleepweaver Anew fabric mask, which is dramatically more comfortable.

BTW, my first night with the fabric mask was not pleasant because it was not sealing at all around the bridge of my nose, but I found it would seal relatively well if I put a couple of cotton balls in the top left and top right of the 'nose chamber'.

And here's my current copy of the Dragon Breath program:

DragonBreath (147 KB)

Beta Notes -- Log of Activity

Changes are listed in reverse order -- most recent first. Is that cool or what?

There is no change to the version number, so you'll have to notice the recent changes to see if you're up to date.

Comments, reactions and suggestions to:

Alfred Scott
Office: 804 353-1713
iPhone and Text Messages: 804 690-4591

Added line styles for charts.

Added ruler to show the duration of the files.

Initial Version

First version posted, works fine but this is the first step only. No flame mail accepted.



Dragon Breath