F.400 Cobra

F.400 Cobra. The F.400 was of wood construction with a thin sheet of aluminum bonded to the outer surface. The prototype was lost in an accident in August 1965. A four-seat version, the F.480, was begun but never finished.

F.400 Cobra
Powered by 880 lb S.T. Turbomeca Marbore II Turbojet
Wing span 28' 6"
Length 26' 7"
Wing area 131.5 sq ft
Gross weight 3,748 lbs
Empty weight 2,425 lbs
Accommodation 2 seats
Maximum speed 360 mph at 15,000'
Maximum cruise speed 298 mph at 15,000'
Stall speed 78 mph
Rate of climb 2,360 fpm
Service ceiling 31,200 ft
Maximum range 620 sm