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Craig Gunder

Craig Gunder admits he was never really interested in anything until going into the Navy after high school where he served as a crew chief maintaining A7 Corsairs on an aircraft carrier in the Navy. That's when he developed a life-long interest in working on aircraft. Out of the Navy, he worked on airplanes and race cars for ten years, and eventually settled in Red Lion, PA as an FAA repair station doing repairs on welded fabricated parts on certified aircraft and for air carriers.

To insure that Falco builders and pilots will have a source for kits and components, we turned all of the inventory of Falco components, jigs, fixtures, tooling and stamping over to Craig and Martha Gunder when we closed Sequoia Aircraft in 2014. Everything that was at Sequoia Aircraft is now in their shop. In all, there were five truck loads, two in his pickup truck with the trailer you see below, and three full moving vans with all of the shelving and crating at Sequoia. Susan Arruda got them trained on the organization of the kits and components in the warehouse, and what is involved in assembling kits, crating and shipping all over the world.

Craig and Martha Gunder have been doing a great job of supporting Falco builders, and you all have come to know them and what great people they are. They are now supplying all of the same Falco kits and components with the same high quality. Craig only does quality work and don't get him started on Chinese 4130 tubing and some of the shortcuts often done with homebuilt aircraft. Craig is always working in the shop, and he's not looking for any pen pals and doesn't want to spend any more time on the phone than necessary.

So the only thing that has changed are the names: instead of Susan and Alfred, it's now Martha and Craig. And they have been busy making, shipping and taking care of Falco people. Turning things over them has been a great thing for everyone in the world of the Falco.

Alfred Scott

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Craig with only portion of the Falco jigs for the engine mounts, landing gear, canopy frames, etc.