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If someone was to ask me my impressions of the Falco project to date I would say it is a very rewarding and challenging project. Apart from the Falco's performance and looks the fact that it is built in wood drew me to the thought of building one. I am a member of the Southport Flying Club, on the Gold Coast, Queensland. At the Club there is approximately 80 aircraft, the majority being single conventional Cessnas, Pipers, Beech, and the like, but there is also a few homebuilts ie a Lancair and a Wheeler Express completed and three variations of the RV's under construction one due to fly within a month or so, one halfway the other say a quarter. As of May 98 I have completed the tail units and are now onto laminating the wing spars. I guess I am in a fortunate position of having a spacious well-lit hangar/workshop at the Club's Airfield very handy to my work and ten minutes from my home.

Through the Flying Club members there is a wealth of experience and aviation knowledge which is invaluable and also adds moral support. I don't think I could handle building a Falco in a single-car garage or in the bedroom like I have read in a number of builders letters.

To date I have found the work and detail to be exacting but because of the excellent detail and completeness of the drawings and the construction manual I have not had any difficulty maintaining the standard. It's the first time I have built something in wood using an accurate dial vernier caliper, we are basically working to metal tolerances but using wood.

I am looking forward to the challenges ahead as time permits.

Neil Aitkenhead


Neil Aitkenhead

Neil Aitkenhead is a manager of a timber company in Australia. Prior to the Falco, he has built boats, yachts, and houseboats. Neil and Gwyn Aitkenhead, 2103/1 Peak Avenue, Main Beach, Queensland 4217, Australia. Phone/fax: 5528 1221, Email:

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