André Bauby

Now flying in France.

Falco F-WFBA flew for the first time on 1 September 1999.

Construction of the Falco took about five years. I started building the spar with Carolina pine, spruce and Douglas Fir being unavailable in France. I built the wings, the fuselage, and I glued on the wings-a few problems to make the skin flush.

I then made all the metal parts, landing gear, engine frame... and the epoxy fiberglass parts: fairings, cowlings... and even the wooden propeller. Then I made a wooden and fiberglass mold for the canopy and had the canopy made by an industrial firm. The plane has 15 hours flying time and has just been authorized.

The engine is a 180 hp with fuel injection. Cruising speed is about 300 kmh with a fixed pitch prop, which would be worth a variable pitch prop.

The inside is lined with leather. The plane weighs about 508 kg.

André Bauby

André Bauby lives in Cadalen, France.