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This Falco is now owned by Thomas Boeck, Badstrasse 31a, 82284 Grafrath, Germany

Today (June 17, 2002) D-EAHC was flowen by a test-pilot an then by me. It was a very hot day, about 37 °C. The airplane is still strange to me, I was wondering, it could fly and there are no problems (except for a dead ammeter).


As you know, I purchased the project firom Edgar Melzner in 1991. Then I looked for a house with a double garage and a big basement, near my job. I found it and my first job was to enlarge the garage to 10.5 m. The depth is only 5.06 m., and in the middle is a staircase down to the basement. The height is: only 2.12m. A very narrow space, so I could not build the fuselage in one piece.

I started reading the plans, construction-manual and all the excellent information in the builders letters. I built a grinding machine for the scarf joints, another one for grinding correct surfaces and angles. I purchased a lot of tools, clamps, working table for the main wing spar, and the fuselage ribs. And then the paper-war with the authorities, who made less problems till now.

First I built the main wing spar, then the wing in the vertical position. After three years, I finished the fuselage, without the tail-section.

My neighbor Tom Brown started to help me. He died four vears ago by a diving accident. Another friend of me helped the frst two years, then he passed. Another friend of me, who was authorized to make the finale check, died by cancer. So I struggled alone and had some times the idea to stop and burn down, but started next day again. In that time I visited Prof. Sonntag, who helped me to get a new heart valve in 1995. (As Brenda said: Falco builders stick together!) I had to stop flying for one year, and then I got my license back.

Due to my job as a manager of a plant for grinding products, my progress was very slow. I retired 2 1/2 year ago and then finished the rest of the wooden work. Also the electrics (with the really excellent plans), coated the whole airplane with epoxy and fiberglass, installed rudder controls, front window and canopy, tanks and panel. In the monent, I'm struggling with the brakes, I better did the installation two years earlier. Perhaps it would be a good idea to make a list with the optimal time-of installation for the different things?

Next month I start installing the IO-360 and cowling. This will take two month and then the Falco will go to the airport to complete all and painting. Due to the latest idea of the LBA (caused by some accidents with the ultralight-fascination?) I have to make a 4.400 Kg load test with the Falco upside down. This is a big shit!

Does somebody know, what is the weight of the wing? This will reduce the weight of the load.

Thanks for your good cooperation and if I still have a positive balance, it would be fine to buy some flowers for Angela.

Harry Castermans

Harry Castermans

Harry Castermans lives in Germany. Harry Castermans, Waldweg 9, 66620 Nonnweiler, Germany. Telephone: (49) 6873-6947. Email: Hcastermans@t-online.de

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