Richard Clements


Richard's Falco has a wild paint scheme

Concerning the Ferrari 'Fly Yellow' of my Falco: Several days ago upon returning to Jefferson County Airport, the tower requested I overfly the airport from north to south, and turn on downwind for 29L. Whenever it is necessary to overfly the patch, I jack the pattern altitude up 500 feet until turning on downwind. Just as I was beginning the turn to downwind, tower informed me that I was number four for landing. I searched the pattern and saw nothing. Just about then, a flight of three Mooneys passed no more that 300 feet below me. All this in a Class D airspace!

Well, I landed, put the bird away in my hangar and was puttering about when a friend drove up and told me he was in one of the Mooneys. His comment was, "I'll tell you one thing about your airplane. You can see that frappin yellow for miles." And that was the intent!

Richard Clements

Richard Clements

Richard Clements lives in Lakewood, Colorado. Telephone: (303) 986-0917.

Seduction, Number 50 and the 'M' Word
Flight of the Falco

Workmanship is fantastic

Richard flies the Falco from the right side

The side panels are a pair of blue jeans glued in place, complete with belt

Here's a design in the luggage compartment

Incredible workmanship and the most imaginative paint scheme and interior design so far.