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Fred Doppelt sold his Falco on July 15, 2012 and the plane was destroyed in an accident that same day.



Fred Doppelt after his first flight


As I had threatened on a number of occasions in recent e-mailings, Ruth, our Italian Greyhound Shana and I would visit the home of the world's neatest airplane. Since starting out on the building of one a few months ago and having started with the purchase of the tail section kits, I had promised myself that before I had gone much further I wanted to see where things happened and meet who made them happen.

Yes, like many others I've been staring at ads and pictures of the Falco for years and then a flight with Larry Wohlers in his Falco made up my mind, I sent in my check. Of course, I've devoured all of the builders letters, and spend endless hours cruising the Sequoia website, as well as the others available.

So, in June we departed Durango in the 'family bus' (our Bonanza), with visits to family in New York, Florida, Louisiana, etc. We left New York area and 2-1/2 IFR hours later landed in the Richmond area in the middle of a stagnant and persistent low, hot and humid, were met at the airport by Alfred and whisked to where it's all at.

What a treat! Susan is a truly neat and wonderful person who gave me the cooks tour of the facility. A beautiful, immaculate air-conditioned place, with shelves and shelves of everything a builder would desire. On each of the shelves, carefully packaged were many, many duplicates of each of the 23 kits I'll need to complete the aircraft. I looked into each one and found precision work in everything I saw, whether it was the six wing spars, multiple instrument panels, tons of wiring kits, gear assemblies, etc. It's a most remarkable sight and one that instantly gave me the confidence that I will always get quality and support of the highest order throughout the oddessy of building I have begun. I would recommend it highly to all. For me, it sets a standard that I hope I can maintain as I do the assembling. I also must mention that the jigs used to make the wooden parts are incredible.

We spent a most memorable day watching Susan answer calls, package and ship parts to all over the world, seeing what's in the candy story and talking with Alfred. Boy, were we impressed! Especially Ruth, for Alfred made sure that she was included in everything we did, and even though she's not a pilot, after nearly 9,000 hours flying with me, it really built up her confidence in the Falco.

Fred Doppelt

Howard Benham, Fred Doppelt and Dave Nason discuss details of Falco construction.

Fred Doppelt began his career in the U.S.A.F. as a doctor but switched to research and development. Before he retired, General Doppelt was in charge of about 1000 engineers at the Wright-Patterson research center working on ejection seats, cockpit interiors, human factors, etc. Fred and Ruth Doppelt now live in Green Valley, AZ. Telephone: (909) 239-3405, email:

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