Only from Jonas

This appeared in the September/December 1999 Falco Builders Letter.


The enclosed photos reveal in graphic detail, for the first time, what the Oyster Fly-in is all about. I think they will substantially increase reader awareness, especially in the children who may pick up a dog-eared copy of the Falco Newsletter in the barbershop or dentist's waiting room (I might even venture the thought that a good primer on oysters and how to eat 'em might be an excellent alternative to sex education).

These photos break new journalistic ground. They may even persuade Monica Lewinsky to come out next year on a sort of sentimental journey down memory lane, if you get the picture. I am so excited about them I am going to wave my usual fee for you. Of course, copyright is retained.

Jonas Dovydenas



Jack and Randy

Butch and Jonas, Mike and Jonas

Chester in blast of the propeller