Al Dubiak


Al Dubiak sold his Falco to Eduardo Letti of Brazil


Just painted, working on the interior next. It flies great. Got 27 hrs. Need
to install the gear doors and check the gear retract system again. -- Al Dubiak, July 2001


Six years ago, I came to Oshkosh and admired Pawel Kweicinski's Falco, and late one afternoon, he took off, pulled up about six feet off the ground, pulled the gear up, and I was in love. I fought the urge for three years, now I've been building for three years. I'm about half done, I'm having a great time, and I'm looking forward to flying it someday.

Al Dubiak
Oshkosh '95


Al and Steve Dubiak

Al Dubiak works for Parkview Metal, a large metal stamping company in the Chicago area. Home: (630) 830-1353, Office: (773) 622-8414 Email: or

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N1443D     Al Dubiak's Bronze Lindy

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