Bjoern Eriksen

Bjoern Eriksen sold his Falco in 1996, and it is now owned by James Tseliki in England.

The Eriksen's Falco was Grand Champion Homebuilt at Oshkosh '93.

Bjoern and Torill Eriksen at Oshkosh '93.


I guess that you know that my Falco was sold to England in 1996 and to my knowledge still is operational there.

I suffered a brain bleeding in 1997 and had to quit flying from then. However I have had a pretty good recovery and plan to visit Oshkosh next year (The 10th anniversary of my Falco flight. This time it will be as an airliner passenger though.

Bjoern Eriksen


Bjoern Eriksen is a retired airline pilot in Norway. Bjoern Eriksen, Teieveien 8, 3121 Tonsberg, Norway. Telephone: 047 90791826 Email:

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