F.8L Falco Project, Antonio Chiconato



Professionally built by skilled Brazilian craftsmen (Antonio Chiconato) exactly according to Sequoia Aircraft plans. No changes.
Please click on the Google drive link for the build pictures.
Built using the Brazilian "freijo" wood, similar to the north american spruce.
The airframe and flight control surfaces are complete.
The entire structure was filled with micro balloons sanded and primed for a perfect smooth finish.
All invoices from Sequoia kits purchase are present.
This is what you get with when you buy this project:

  • Complete set of plans and building manuals from Sequoia Aircraft.
  • Complete wood airframe with flight controls, professionally built sanded and primed.
  • landing gear hardware (mains and nose)
  • Canopy metal frame (Nustrini)
  • All hardware, flight control hinges and attachment points.
  • Elevator trim wheel and components
  • All fiberglass parts for the center console and outside fairings
  • Dynafocal engine mount
  • Fiberglass engine cowl
  • Flap motor
  • Inverted header tank
  • Flight control cables
  • Landing gear motor and gear box
  • Two control stick grips neatly carved from Brazilian mohogany wood.
  • Miscellaneous hardware from Aircraft Spruce. All aeronautical grade.
  • Leather hide (light gray color) for the seats and cabin sidewalls.
  • This is an excellent project that will save you years of hard work.
  • You choose the engine, propeller and avionics.

The project is located in Brazil. For the building pictures click on the link below:


Asking price: USD 49,000
(Delivered in the US)

Eduardo Letti
(904) 480-4905 (US Mobile)


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