F.8L Falco, N304SF

For sale: 1960 N304SF Aeromere Series III Falco. 150 hp Lycoming O-320-A engine with Hoffman fixed pitch prop. Dual King nav/com, one with GS, Collins transponder, marker beacon, excellent panel lighting, King DME (presently not working), 4 cylinder Alcor CHT/EGT, David Clark Isocom intercom, digital OAT, digital Davtron voltmeter, G-meter, and all the normal instrumentation. The airplane has been hangared as long as I've owned it (since the early 70's).

I stopped flying the airplane about four years ago and the plane sat in the hangar during that time, however hangar-mates would pull the prop through from time to time. I have just annualled the plane for a potential purchaser (who never came to see the plane and who decided to buy a T-34 instead) and the airplane is in fine shape. During the annual, we repainted the leading edges of the wing, installed a new battery, new main shock absorber struts, and fixed a few minor things in the engine compartment.

Total time? I'm not exactly sure since I'm not one to spend a lot of time looking at log books. It's probably somewhere around 1400 -1700 hours total time.

This airplane, which I've always called 'The Corporate Disgrace' is a perfectly fine Falco, with a very high rate of roll (highest of any Falco I've flown) but it's a relatively slow Falco and cruises at about 170 mph. I'm not looking for top dollar for the plane so I'm offering it for $52,000. I would like very much to see it go to someone who will take care of it and who might consider upgrading it to prime condition. I always intended to do that, but at somepoint I just stopped going to the airport and it worries me that I might fall into the pattern of people who fly only a few hours each year and then come to grief.

If you're interested, please contact me at 804-353-1713 or email alfred.scott@me.com

Alfred Scott
Sequoia Aircraft Corporation


The airplane once had a smoke system, when it was in Ireland.

Getting ready for takeoff at the Great Oyster Fly-In.

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