F.8L Falco, D-ECPI




For more information on this Falco see Hans Sonntag in the Falco Hangar




Falco F.8L D-ECPI

Attached find the offer of the D-ECPI, which I built with my friend Hans Sonntag. Unfortunately Hans passed away last year, and I have the sad mission to sell our baby. I think it is one of the best Falcos ever built and cared for. I hope the new owner will know to honor it and take care of it in the same way that we have.--Heiner BREDHORST


Only owner flown

Like new

Total time, approximately 500 hours only

150 kits straight and level at approximately 75% power setting

Engine: 180 hp Lycoming IO-360-B1E time since new 550 hrs. - 06.1995
Propeller: Hoffmann Type HO-V123K-K/180R time since overhaul 30 hrs – 10.2008

Avionics: EDM 700. Digital OAT, Intercom, S-mode XPDR, 2 x King KX 155 + HSI, GPS KLN 90, Autopilot

Alcantara interior, grey

Additional equipment comes with it:
Canopy cover
2 maingear tires (new)
Towbar, which is designed as nosewheel chock
1 nosegear tire (new)
Complete set of construction plans

Price is negotiable

Contact: Heiner BREDHORST
Capt. & Flight Instructor
Helicopter & Fixed Wing
Tel +49 171 654 2703






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