F.8L Falco, N644F


Instrument panel; pedestal and quadrant of aluminum stock as is panel


F.8L Falco, N644F

Sequoia Ser. No. 832. Empty Weight 1275 IO-320-B1A, 160 HP, Hartzell C/S prop. Less than 100 hours on airframe, engine, prop

Max cruise, 7,000', 199 mph True, fuel burn at moderate cruise 7.5 gph

UPS Apollo SL40 com (new 2004)
UPS Apollo GX65 GPS/Com [map model] (new 2004)
Garmin GTX 320A Transponder (new 2004)
II Morrow Altitude encoder
David Clark Isocom intercom unit
Terra Marker Beacon Receiver
ACK Technologies E-10 ELT
Custom avionics selector switch panel

Full Gyro Panel VFR
Vertical Card Compass
Four Cylinder EGR/CHT probes, instruments, select switch
G-meter, OAT gauge, electric clock
B&C sealed lead acid battery (new 2004)
Heated Pitot Tube
Whelen strobes, Nav lights

Special Features: Custom three piece panel, Upper, Lower left, Lower right. LLP and LRP (location of 90% of the heart of electrical system; circular AMP connectors, CBs and switches) removal time three minutes each. Space and holes provided on panel for ILS/GS instrument. Interior grey calf leather, external power receptacle and cable, fire extinguisher, Mixture Control lock on quadrant, colored flap position bars on flaps viewable from cockpit.


Interior grey calf


Inspected on two occasions during construction by friend and Sport Aviation writer the late Tony Bingelis (Tony came originally from Maine, came this way to visit relatives). Two other inspections by local EAA chapter Technical Counselor (I am now one as well as a Flight Advisor).

References: Former Airline Captain Tony Petrulio, with A&E experience, assisted in the installation of the engine, prop, and cowl as well as other MX over the years and assists me during the Annual Condition Inspection for which I am licensed. Tony has flown some 40 hours with me in the Falco and knows its performance and capabilities well. He can be reached at (603) 926-4794 (NH). Falco builder Bob Bready observed much of the construction and is familiar with my experience with 644F. He can be reached at (413) 596 6113 (MA).

A complete log (engine and airframe) will be provided as well as a number of other books on the electrical system, avionics literature, other components. Falco has been always hangared when not in use. Periodic oil sample records provided.

A fresh Annual Condition Inspection has been accomplished, 20 SEP 2005. Aircraft is found airworthy and ready to go.

Reason for Sale: At 82 years of age and 62 years of flying (USAAF/USAF/Civil) without accident or incident (short of being shot at by Japs in WWII) I do not want to push my luck. I will miss my pretty bird, but there is a time for all things; the building and flying was a challenge and a joy.

Price: $75,000 (price lower than Falcos of equal quality given the personal paint scheme I used, allowing for a quality re-paint if the buyer chooses).

Further information and photographs found on the Sequoia website at:


and at:


John Brooks Devoe
603 772 5004 (NH)


Wing flaps marking

Engine compartment

KISS: No wheel doors, leg door curved at bottom as with
Marchetti 260 and USAF T-6...wheels in the wind.

Fuselage to wing fairing

Empennage and wing alignment perfect

These go with the wind machine

Gwen and John

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