F.8L Falco, N7B

An aeronautical engineer named Dave bought my Falco yesterday.  He is visiting friends in N. and S. Cal, by his old job near edwards AFB on his way home to ILL.  His a nice guy and is another pilot that is a long-time Falco enthusiast.  1000 hour pilot and IFR rated. 
I'll mention to him to post some info to you for the website.
Thanks, Jim E.


For a full article on this Falco, see First Flight: Ben Burgoyne



Falco F.8L for sale:
Asking price: negotiable, make offer.
Lycoming IO-320 Constant speed. 
312 hrs Total time airframe.  Engine time: 312 hrs on Lycoming Overhaul

Aircraft in excellent condition, always hangared.
ILS, Mkr Bcn, Autopilot. (single-axis)
OAT, EGT/CHT, Transponder,encoder, ADF, Loran, GPS, ICS.
Maint last 3 mths:
Magnetos serviced at Savage magneto shop.
Bendix fuel injection checked at  Martin Induction Systems.
Annual and IFR transponder & Altimeter Certification.
New brake pads.
New exhaust gaskets.
New Brackett Air filter.

Cruise power TAS 155 to 165 Kts.
Balanced flying airplane, clean stalls, good workmanship.
Professionally done avionics / instrument panel.  Professionally done interior, all surfaces finished.
Sequencing wheel well and gear doors- excellent, including nose gear doors.

Recent cross countries flights:
SunRiver, OR  Bend, OR - (falco flyin)  to Livermore, CA to 375 NM.
Arlington, WA  to Livermore, CA   630 NM.

Hangared in Livermore, CA

Damage History:
7B had a prop strike on landing.  The nose gear was not completely down and plane landed and just barely caught the prop.  The engine never stopped until mixture was pulled.  The airplane landed on the gear with no other damage.

The engine was removed and inspected by an A&P in Arlington, WA, and returned to service.  A new propeller was purchased and installed.

Jim Econome
(925) 352 8638


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