F.14 Nibbio, I-CAMI


F.14 Nibbio

Retractable gear



1960 F14 Nibbio
TTAF: 1150
Location: Italy
Price: $ 60,000

Engine: Lyco O-360-A1A TT: 1150 Prop: Hartz HC-92ZK-8D/8447A-12 TT: 1150 TSOH: 15hrs (11/04 CP135 Audio KX155 COM-NAV KI211A NAV Indic COM120 COM 121 NAV KR86 ADF 890 DME AT150 XPDR OCEM AP-2 Ap -2 Altim -Turn coord -Attit indic -Dg -Variom -EGT, CHT, OAT -Heated pitot -250 lit fuel White with red and blue stripes 08/10 -Wood and fabric very good cond -11 manufactured, Two flying 135 kts Cruise w. 30 LPH 


Contact: Stefano Scossa


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