F.22R Pinguino, I-GEAE


F22R Pinguino

Retractable gear



1990 F22R Pinguino
TTAF: 4700
Location: Italy
Price: $150,000

(Retract) by Stelio Frati Lyco O-320-D1A TT: 4700 TSOH: 300 Nov. 04, Hartz HC-C2YL-1BF 2 bl const spd TT: 4700, TSOH: 1900, Overh. Oct. 01 IFR 2 KX155 COM-NAV 760 Channels, FM Imm KR87 ADF, KI227 ADF Indic, KT79 XPDR w Mode “C”, KMA24H Audio Pan, KN62A DME, KR21 Mar Bcn, White w blue stripes 08/10, Grey Leath and fabr 08/10 - All logs - Ndh


Contact: Stefano Scossa


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