Ambrosini F7 Rondone, I-SUSY





I-SUSY is the second aircraft of the production series of the F7 Rondone, designed by Ing. Frati. The F7 is the production development of the famous race Rondone F4 designed for Ing. Guagnellini that held two world speed records on the 100 km and 500 km circuit in his category.

I-SUSY was built by SAI-AMBROSINI in 1956.

I-SUSY has been beautifully and carefully restored by Francesco and Marco Fanfani. The aircraft has been also structurally inspected and the cockpit was kept original in the spirit of the restoration. The aircraft has always been hangared. The engine, a Continental C90 has 10 hours SMOH and the aircraft total time since its overhaul is 200 hrs. The aircraft has always been hangared.

It’s a wonderful aircraft to fly, with nice performances and clean maneuverability, very similar to the Falco, combining at the same time lower operative costs.
Technical specs


M 9.30


M 6.80

Wing surface area

Mq 13.70


Continental C90-12 F (90 hp)

Engine time

10 hrs SMOH


Fixed pitch

Landing gear




 Aircraft time after o\h

 200 hrs

The price is 30.000 Euro

Marco Fanfani



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