We are happy to make this space available to people who want to offer their Falcos for sale. The Falco can be a homebuilt or a production Falco, or any other Frati design. We are also happy to sell Falco parts, spruce and plywood, etc.

There is no particular format required. Unlike typical advertisings, you can and should write a more wordy description of the airplane, and you should include a reasonable number of photographs.

We need photographs in JPEG, TIFF or PNG format. Typically they should be about 4 to 6 inches wide, full color if possible, and with a screen resolution of 72 dpi (dots per inch, or pixels per inch).

Write any description you want below the photographs.

List your asking price, and how to get in touch with you.

We have reworked Falcos for Sale. Instead of just listing each sale as before, you can now click on each to see the previous listing: how the airplane was presented, described and priced.

The airplanes that sold for the highest prices also sold quickly. They are all beautifully built from the Sequoia Falco kits and without one single modification. All built by people who never built an airplane before and would not deviate from the design in any way. Some made their own wood parts, and others used kits. Some made their own simple metal parts and bought the rest. Except for the paint schemes and upholstery, there is no difference, and they have all operated reliably in all conditions, flying long distances crossing oceans and over the Amazon (except for one hot tempered owner who beat up a customs official in a third world country).

Your mother never taught you that; it’s just something you should know intuitively.

Airplanes built by experienced homebuilders and engineers who do their own thinking have sold for half the price and many have come to grief because of some little thing. For example, in the last decade we have had the following near fatal accidents caused by a structural failure in level flight.

Flap flutter where the flap fluttered and then departed the airplane -- twice.

Engine failure over Northern Ontario where the pilot put it down in a lake, from the failure of an engine control bracket.

A jammed up-elevator on short final in New Zealand that would have been a fatality but for an amazing level of skill by a 747 pilot who had been trained in how to handle jammed controls.

Engine intake duct collapse.

A structural failure in level flight is roughly the equivalent of a house falling down with no wind blowing. Every airplane designer and kit supplier can tell you endless nightmare stories of dealing with the good ol' boys of aviation's lunatic fringe.

A very high percentage of the best Falcos were built by engineers, who value engineering and good design, who revere the genius of Stelio Frati and value the careful refinement of the Sequoia Falco design over sixty years.

There are a few examples that will never sell.

The idea here is to assemble these to help with new offerings. A typical classified ad is limited by the number of words, but there is no such limitation here.

While we are offering this space as a courtesy, we have a one-time listing fee of $200 for the Falco Aircraft Association, LLC. Please provide payment direct to David Leslie, Treasurer,

We will publish a disclaimer that we make no representation about this aircraft and are offering the space as a courtesy.

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