F.8L Falco, N290

Sold to David Mottram in the UK December 2007


This is a very unusual situation. Ralph Moore is an engineer at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and an experienced homebuilder. He scratch-built his Falco, and first flew it in 1998, but he is a quiet sort of guy and never bothered to tell us.

In any event, Ralph has had a couple of heart attacks, has lost his medical, and is getting out of aviation. Very reluctantly, because he loves his Falco.

We hope to have some photographs of this ASAP.

Alfred Scott



N290 for sale

Falco, 90 hours since new. No damage. Engine, fuel-injected 180 hp, overhauled by Piedmont.

Cruise speed 185 mph @ 9.3 gal – hr. Blue and white.

AT 150 X – PDR / ENC.
DME 890
M 12 D  / ID 825
MX – 11
Pitot Heat
KR – 86
NAV – 122
Apollo 612 Loran. 

I am original owner/ builder. 


Ralph M. Moore
2505 Ravenswood Dr
Florida 32780-4538
(321) 269-7662


Pat and Ralph Moore

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