F.8L Falco, CC-PZE


Serial Number:                     001
Registration Number:           CC-PZE 
Total Airframe Time:           247.2 Hours
EW:                                     1,268.66 lbs
Annual Due:                         November 03,  2004 issued by DGAC of Chile
Manufacture Year:               1986
Engine:                                Lycoming IO-320-D1A
Serial Number:                     L5827-55A                         
Total Engine Time:              247.2 Hours
TBO:                                   1,500 Hours
Propeller:                             Hartzell HC-C2YL-1BF
Serial Number:                    AX-529
TSO:                                   77 Hours
TBO:                                   1,000 Hours / 5 Years 

Avionics:                             VHF Comm.  ICOM  IC-A200
                                            ELT  A/KING  AK-450
                                            ATC  Transponder B/KING DT-76A
                                            Altimeter ACK  A-30
                                            Intercom  PS Engineering PM-1000
Instruments:                        Altimeter Sequoia Air  Falco-F8L
                                            Air Speed Indicator - United      
                                            Rate of turn .  -  R.C. Allen
                                            Turn and Bank  -  R.C. Allen
                                            Attitud Indicator ­ R.C. Allen
                                            Compass ­ Airpath
                                            Vertical Speed  - Bendix
                                            Fuel Flow Indicator ­ United
                                            Fuel Quantity Indicators - Rochester
Price:                                   Contact: Osvaldo Adasme
                                            Airdatchile Ltda.


Falco CC-PZE was built in Chile by ENAER, a company associated with the Chilean Airforce, see

First Flight: Chilean Air Force

Construction was started in 1981 and completed in 1985. It is the only one of its kind in Chile, and is owned by Francisco Ruiz-Clavijo Squella and based on the Air Club of San Fernando, south of Santiago. Francisco reports "it is a real pleasure to fly over this area of vineyards in this beautiful red bird."

Find the YouTube video:

Vuelo en el F.8 L FALCO CC-PZE Club Aereo San Fernando (Chile)


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