F.8L Falco, N63KC


After purchasing the plans for the Falco at Oshkosh in July of 1988 construction began in October of 1988 and was completed in October of 1993. Information on the first flight and subsequent testing can be found at Cecil Rives in the Falco Hangar at the Sequoia website. No aerobatics have been performed since the original testing. No damage history.

The initial paint developed problems (peeling off) so the entire aircraft was stripped and repainted in 1995. No further problems over the past fourteen years have occurred. The present paint is white with green and gold stripes. There is some minor hangar rash as you might expect for a 16 year-old airplane but over all the paint is in very good condition. N63KC has always been hangared and is currently based at Brenham Municipal Airport, Brenham, Texas (about 50 nm northwest of Houston).  The leather interior is also in very good condition. The glare shield is covered with Ferrari “mouse fur” instead of leather, which eliminates any glare from the windshield.

The Lycoming IO-360 B1E (180 HP) engine was purchased from a gentleman in Virginia (not Alfred Scott!) who had removed it from an early model Piper Arrow. The engine had 2040 hours since new and after installing it in the Falco I flew it for an additional 93 hours before sending it to Firewall Forward, Loveland, Colorado, for a major overhaul.

As of this date (October 9, 2009) the engine has 519 hours SMOH (612 hours SN on airframe).

At  Oshkosh Airventure in 2000, N63KC was awarded a “Bronze Lindy” (Third Place, Plans-Built).

A speed test was conducted in 2002 and the results were as follows: 187 kts TAS (215 mph)

On  September 17 of this year the following climb performance was noted: Full power; 15 gallons fuel; pilot only on board; OAT 23 C; 100 kts IAS; climb initiated at 1000’ ASL. Climb rate was 2000 FPM.

My reason for selling is health issues.

Sales price: $115,000 U.S.

Cecil Rives
(979) 289-3081 farm
(713) 467-9894 Houston
(713) 301-9088 cell


Garmin GNS 430; GPS/Nav/Com interfaced with KI 206 c.d.i.
Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
Garmin GTX 327 Transponder
King KX 165 Nav/Com interfaced with KI 202 c.d.i.
King KI 202 c.d.i. (omni/localizer)
King KI 206 c.d.i. (omni/localizer/glideslope)
S-Tec System 30 Autopilot (2 axis) with turn coordinator
Sigmatec DG with heading bug
Goodrich Stormscope W-500 (displays on GNS 430)
Narco Altitude Reporter
Bose Headset "X" noise cancelling
David Clark headset, noise cancelling


UMA Dual Ammeter/Voltmeter
Davtron Model 811B Digital Clock/Flight Time/Elapsed Time Recorder
Davtron Model 301C OAT (centigrade)
Precision Aviation Model PAI-700 vertical card compass
Avionics Cooling Fan
ACK Model E-01 ELT
Insight GEM 4-cyl EGT/CHT
Horizon Instruments Model P-1000 Electronic Digital Tach
Proprietary Software Systems AOA
Shadin Miniflo-L digital fuel management system (interfaced with GNS 430)
M-20 oil/air separator
K & N induction air filter
Skytec Hi-Torque inline 149 tth Starter
Aero Instruments AN5812 heated pitot tube
B.&C. L-60 (60 amp) alternator
B.&C. LR3C-14 voltage regulator
B.&C. BC-106 (recombinant gas) 12 v., 32 amp-hour battery
GAMI fuel injector nozzles
Champion REM 385 fine wire plugs
Bruce's Custom Covers canopy cover
Lycoming IO-360-B1E engine (180 h.p.)
Hartzell 2-blade constant speed prop
Whelen Strobe System


First Flight: October, 1993
Aircraft hours: 612 since new
Engine: 519 SMOH (purchased engine with 2040 hours since new and flew it for about 90 hours and sent it to Firewall
             Forward in Colorado for major overhaul) Compression test 9/2008: #1-78/80; #2-79/80; #3-78/80; #4-77/80. I
             have been pretty consistent in changing the oil and filter about every 25 hours and have had the oil analyzed at
             the change. Those reports are available to you.

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