F.7 Rondone II, S/N 08



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The F7 “Rondone II” I-JOHN, absolutely perfect and original Ing. Frati's retractable landing gear aircraft built by SAI-AMBROSINI on 1958 - S/N 08 -, has an all-wood structure covered with plywood panels with 2+1 seats, original leather interior, always hangared.

Standard instruments equipped, with a VHF transceiver IC-A200 and a Transponder King KT 76A, it’s a wonderful aircraft to fly, with nice performances and clean maneuverability, very similar to the Falco, combining at the same time lower operative costs.

I-JOHN, on 1990, won the 42nd Giro Aereo Internazionale di Sicilia and two speed races last year.

Price: 35.000 euros

Contact: info@falcoclub.com


9,30 m


6,80 m

Wing surface area

13,70 mq


Rolls Royce-Continental O200  (100 hp)

Engine time

50 hrs SMOH


Fixed pitch Hoffmann  HO14-170 S

Landing gear

Electrically retractable



Aircraft total time since new

550 hrs

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