F.8L Falco, N513JS

For more information on this Falco, see First Flight, John Shipler.



N513JS was built by my father, John Shipler. Its maiden flight was Father’s Day 1995 and the first flight was flown by our good friend Jerry Scott. It was a flawless flight and the First flight can be found on the Sequoia Aircraft website. My dad was instrumental in getting feedback and ideas to Sequoia through his process of building the Falco. John Shipler's Falco won an Outstanding Workmanship Award at Oshkosh in 1995. His Falco was also featured and on the cover of Kitplanes, January 2008 and also in Custom Planes, October 1998 (this article was written while my Dad was alive but unfortunately he passed away before the article was in print) His workmanship was apparent in the first airplane that he built which was a Steen Skybolt and was on the cover of Homebuilt Aircraft, November 1980 and was the featured article as well.

I lost my dad, June of 1998 and have continued to fly the Falco ever since. It has never been the same since my loss but flying the Falco has kept me close to my dad. Unfortunately, my medical was not renewed this year and now I am in a position of looking for another Falco lover to enjoy this beautiful aircraft.

Our Falco has been hangared at Chino Airport since built and has never been in adverse weather or seen an accident or incident of any kind. Everything is current and the Falco has been kept in excellent condition. All paperwork and logs are in order and annuals have been completed each and every year.

Kris Shipler
home phone: (714) 378-0952
Cell phone: (714) 658-3355



F.8L Falco

N513JS/ 13th Set of Plans Built
Gross Weight - 1990
Empty Weight - 1302
VFR/IFR equipped
TT 255
Front and Aft fuel tanks - 40 gallons total
Heated Pitot Tube
Strobe, Nav and Landing Light
Wing Indicators for Gear System
Electric Flaps
Michelin Aviator 5 ply tires with Gear Doors
Chen Shin 5 ply nose wheel tire with Gear Door
Nustrini Canopy

Lycoming IO320-BIA
255 hours
Christen Inverted Oil System
Hartzell Constant Speed Prop
Lightweight Alternator and Starter

Alcor EGT
The Kit for Electrical wiring for panel installed
(All wiring is tied and identified under panel)
Alternator Air Source
Panel assembled according to plans
Full Panel Lights
Intercom System
Bendix King Transponder
Apollo GPS/Morrow II
Wired for Auto Pilot
Dual Bendix King KX155 Com/Nav Radios
Left arm throttle
Fire Extinguisher
Dual Fuel Pressure Gauge
Gell Cell Battery
Marker Beacon
G Meter

Price $110,000


This Falco was featured on the cover of Kitplanes magazine in January 2008.
Visit the Kitplanes website for the article or get the PDF copy of the article.

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