Mike Wiebe Parts for Sale

801-1 Tail

802 Rev A Fuse Equip

803-1 Wing Equipment

808-2 Type 1 Engine Mount

810-1 Main Gear and Equipment

811 Nose Gear and Equipment

812 Landing Gear Retraction Equipment

Mike Wiebe Parts for Sale

These parts come from Rex Hume's Falco, which was put down into a river in Northern Canada after an engine failure on its way to a new home in Europe. The plane was deadsticked in with little damage and thankfully the pilot was rescued with no injuries. With my father's help, another Canadian Falco builder recovered the project with the intention of using the parts for his own Falco. Alas he died before accomplishing much.

I now have the parts. I have cleaned, inspected, re-alodined/zinc'd as appropriate and packaged the parts for sale. While I provide no warranty as to their fitness for use, you can see from the pictures that they appear to be original Sequoia parts and have cleaned up very well.

All parts are for a 180hp Falco with a standard canopy. Any kit listed as "complete" has all major components as identified on the Sequoia shipping ticket. Typically, AN hardware will be missing, or included for sizing but not usable.

Price is 50% of the currently listed Sequoia kit price for "complete" kits, with a discount provided for kits that are less than complete. In summary I am offering about $60K of Sequoia kits for about $25K. This is a great deal if you are willing to go find your own AN hardware and fabricate a few missing pieces.

I would prefer to sell all the main kits shown as a package. However, I will entertain the option to sell kit by kit if there is no single interested buyer. I have more detail available by kit, as well as pictures and componentry lists of each kit. We can also use video to walk you through what I have.

I am located near Niagara Falls Canada. Pick up or shipping can be arranged.

Main Kits Available

Kit 801-1: Tail Group Equipment: Complete.
Kit 802-A: Fuselage Equipment: Complete with the exception of the passenger control stick, which was removed for the ferry flight.
Kit 803-1: Wing Equipment: Complete.
Kit 804: Flap Control Equipment: Complete.
Kit 805-1: Control System Equipment: Almost complete. Discounted price.
I have only 8 of the 12 control cable assemblies, as the ones to the tail were cut during recovery.
Kit 805-2: Brake System Equipment: Complete.
Kit 806: Trim Tab Control Equipment: Discounted price. I don't have the trim cable itself, just the control wheel assembly and trim horn.
Kit 807-1: Standard Canopy Equipment: Discounted. I have the frame, tracks and most bearings/slides.
The canopy survived initial recover well. Then a tree fell on it...
Kit 808-2: Type 1 Engine Mount and Equipment (180hp): Complete, including nice looking Lord mount assemblies.
Kit 809-1: Fuel Tanks and Equipment: Complete: the tanks were recovered and washed, but have not been cleaned and refinished.
They still held fuel when recovered, but have not been pressure tested.
Kit 810-1: Main Landing Gear and Equipment: Complete.
Kit 811: Nose Gear and Equipment: Complete.
Kit 812: Landing Gear Retraction Equipment: Complete.
Kit 814: Seats and Equipment: Discounted. Missing right seat (removed for ferry flight). Seatbelts unusable.
Kit 815-1: Instrumentation and Equipment: Heavily discounted.
Includes only fibreglass consoles and battery box, as well as steel nose-gear tunnel, instrument panel and control quadrant.

For anyone interested in a package purchase of the above, I will throw in the following for free:
Various metal plates and fibreglass fairings, including all wing trailing edge fairings.
Full gear doors and equipment from kit 810-3. Fibreglass parts well damaged, most linkages and all attach fittings intact.
Firewall and cowling mount flanges from kit 813-1, excluding the cowling.
Minor amounts of engine instrumentation, but lots of plumbing fittings from kit 815-3.
Engine baffles from kit 817-4, which are functional but not pretty, and probably best used for trial fitting.
These parts will be available for the 'right price' if the person buying the overall package doesn't want them.

Additionally I have available:
O-360 Exhaust system -- clean and very good shape.
Spinner and backplate for Hartzell compact hub prop. Small scratches.
Cleveland 40-78B wheels and 30-9 brakes. Brakes in great shape, wheels OK.
Disassembled O-360 A1A engine. Let's talk and I can tell you the history.
All engine accessories and the propeller.


Please contact Mike Wiebe at
Cell at 905-520-8500



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