F.8L Falco, N747SW

Few Falcos ever go on the market, since their owners become so devoted to them, but I'm putting one of the more notorious of all kit-built Falcos up for sale--my "Aeronautica Militare" phony warbird N747SW, which has been often photographed and written about (by me) in a variety of aviation and non-aviation magazines ranging from Pilot and Air & Space Smithsonian to Alfa-Romeo's house organ Quattroroute. (You can read all those articles on this website by going to 'Hangar" and then click on my name--or just click here.)

Why am I doing this? Well, I simply am not using the airplane enough any more. It has served basically as a fast, cross-country business aircraft for me, and my hectic life as a freelance writer is, by choice, slowing down. Besides, I have a new hobby: turning a 1983 Porsche 911SC Coupe into a racecar for my daughter.

The particulars: Falco F.8L/180 N747SW first flew in April 1991 and is painted polyurethane Federal gray and Porsche guards red, with Italian Air Force markings. It cruises at an honest 175 knots at 24"/2,400 rpm and has a 180-hp Lycoming IO-360-B1E engine with 410 hours TT since complete Mattituck overhaul; airframe hours are also 410 TT.


Avionics: King KX-165 and KX-155 with one KN-208 ILS/nav indicator and the matching loc/nav second indicator, a mode-3 KT-76 transponder, Northstar GPS-60, marker beacon and a hardwired Garmin Pilot III moving-map GPS on the center console that reverts to battery power for electrical-failure backup if it's unplugged.

Dual vacuum sources plus a wing-leveler autopilot that provides a third attitude source because its display is electrically driven, Shadin MicroFlo L fuel-flow display linked to the GPS for real-time range information, Electronics International SuperClock clock/timer, hardwired Bose headset plus a David Clark for the passenger and a Telex backup third headset, Capehart oil filter, five-point harnesses, three strobes, a new SigTek vacuum pump with special cooling shroud, built-in oxygen system and masks good for 22 hours at 15,000 for one person (airplane has been cruised as high as 21,000 feet), full survival kit that fills two small sealed toolboxes, complete emergency toolkit, landing-gear strut pump and wing jacks.

Paint is a 9, gray-and-black interior with Mercedes-Benz carpeting, Aston Martin Connolly leather and gray wool upholstry is simple but also a 9. Complete oil-analysis history since the first quart of oil. Battery is new. I'll annual the airplane as part of the sale and will deliver it anywhere int he U.S. and will check out the new owner. $93,900.

Stephan Wilkinson
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