Giovanni Fulcheri


This is our first look at Giovanni Fulcheri's Falco. Giovanni has been quietly building the Falco and we just now get our first glimpse of the plane. Andrea Tremolada is scheduled to do the first flight and sent these notes:

I went yesterday to see Fulcheri's Falco, and it's really amazing, the craftmanship is unbelievable and there are many small particular that left me with no words... I'm serious, I don't like my plane anymore. Unfortunately the small hangar where he's keeping it was full of ultralights, and we were unable to move them in a reasonable time so I just took a few pictures but it's impossible to appreciate the cleaniness of the paint.

Andrea Tremolada


Giovanni Fulcheri

Giovanni Fulcheri lives in Mondovi (Cuneo), Italy


First Flight: Giovanni Fulcheri