Karl Hansen

Karl Hansen died of natural causes a number of years ago.

Falco N805SH is now owned by the Stockton Field Aviation Museum, Stockton, C
(contact Taigh Ramey (204) 535-4466 taigh@twinbeech.com)


It flies better than it looks.

Karl Hansen


Steve and Karl Hansen

Karl Hansen served in the USAF as a pilot flying a Lockheed EC-121 Super Connie pilot in the Vietnam war.


While retired in Roseville, California, Karl's son Steve wanted a father/son project. He kept bringing him brochures for various kitplanes, and none of them interested Karl until he saw the Falco. It was love at first sight and they built the Falco in short order.

Few people have had as great an impact on our Falco world as Karl Hansen, and he touched all of our lives. Karl once said he "never met a Falco builder he didn't like." We all loved Karl and I miss him every day.

Alfred Scott


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