Jurgis Kairys

The 'Swing Wing' Falco is now in Vilnius, Lithuania


It's getting cold in Lithuania, but my work is moving forward bit by bit. [Jurgis' hangar is not heated]

-Autopilot is in place, is working and was really well installed.

-Landing gear is fixed and works well. One wire was bad and was changed.

-Now I'm working on the cockpit. (New upholstery and floor covering)

Jurgis Kairys
["You're gis Kai REESE"]

Jurgis Kairys

Jurgis Kairys is a pilot in Lithuania who has been many times the world acrobatic champion, and he has invented a number of aerobatic maneuvers. He now owns the Falco built by his friend Jonas Dovydenas.

website: www.jkairys.com email: jkairys23@gmail.com


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