Mario Marinelli

Mario Marinelli and Andrea Tremolada


We met in Oshkosh when Andrea Tremolada was supposed to reach USA but was stopped in Brazil and returned to Italy.

You call me for a speech in front of the audience of Falco builders to tell something about this history.

Andrea is a good friend of mine, and we are always "fighting" because he is trying to let his I-BARO look as beautifull as my second series 1956 I-TINI.

My Falco was "rebuilt" following the Sequoia Falco's plans and I think, maybe some day, you will see a new "Super Falco" fly from your plans, as soon as the Jet A1 fuel engine from SMA or Lycoming will be available.

Mario Marinelli


Mario Marinelli

Mario Marinelli lives in Milan, Italy. Email:

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