Richard Marks

This Falco was finished for Angela Marks by Dave Silsbury, aircraft engineer and LAA inspector. The first flight was on August 9, 2011 and the pilot was Dave Silsbury.

This Falco flew six days before G-CYLL (Neville Langrick and Alastair Newall), thus it displaces their Falco. So this is Sequoia Falco 93 and G-CYLL is number 94.

The Falco is now owned by Adrian Hall-Carpenter in Norfolk, and the aircraft is located at Old Buckenham airfield where it is going through the flight test program.

G-RJAM is from the builders initials: RJ Marks and his wife Angela.

Richard Marks

Richard Marks died Saturday, September 27, 2008 after suffering a stroke. He was a wonderful man, and we have enjoyed every minute of our association with him.


Richard Marks working on his Falco.
Note the extension of the shop to accommodate the engine.

At my younger brother's request I am writing to send you some photos that I took of the Falco that he has been building for it seems forever, he is now devoting all his energy to complete this beautiful aircraft.

I am pleased to tell you that he is expecting to get it completed in the very near future, you will be able to gather the small amount of space that has been available to him for this project, making it not the easiest to try and get a good photo.

It is a great shame that he has seemingly not been able to keep you and the other Falco builders up to date with his progress, as I see from the web page there are just the two of the wing structure.

I hope from the attached digital photos that you will see what a stunning finish he has achieved; I believe a green stripe has yet to be added together with the registration letters.

I will send further information as it comes to hand,

Roger Marks

Richard Marks lived in North Petherton, Bridgwater, Somerset, England. He was an experienced builder of sailboats, and the Falco was his first airplane. His son, Peter Marks, can be reached at

Construction Photos

Wing   Engine   To the Airport

Brief Encounter