Marcel Morrien

Marcel Morrien in Falco PH-IAO, the 96th Sequoia Falco to fly.


A number of years ago I decided that it would be nice to stop running pharmacies at the age of 55 and started preparing things.

Certain developments, political and businesslike made me decide to sell at an earlier stage. That proved to be a wise decision, not long after selling world economics changed dramatically.

I started as a pharmacist in 1981 and stopped 27 years later. During that period I was an active member of our pharmaceutical community, did my work in different boards, set up a new pharmacies and so on. Shortly, did what you might expect from an active member of society.

The last bits and pieces of the selling process take a little of my time at this moment, as does maintenance of real estate. I definitely started a new phase of my life, and it feels good!

I started working on the Falco nearly twenty years ago, originally planning to be in the air within five years. That proved to be a dream, reality means that family and business come first. I have to admit that sometimes a certain, to my opinion, difficult building item withheld me from progressing more rapidly, postponing the problem doesn't help.

What did help was the offer of a friend to assist me on a regular basis. That kind of gives a stimulus to advance.

Originally building of the fuselage was started in a 10 x 30 foot garage, a few years later an old garage next door became available so I kicked out the dividing walls and renewed the floor. To be able to build the wing I had to lower a part of the floor because the height of this garage was not enough. A secondary advantage of this construction was that most of the work on he wing was within reach of hands.

When we moved the family to a another house we could also move the Falco project to a much larger workspace.

At this moment woodwork is done, small main gear doors are installed, wing fairings made and will be installed after the wing has been prepared with micro-balloon epoxy. Firewall installed, etc.

I feel like I'm postponing the work on the main gear doors, I have not yet quite figured out what should be the easiest way, but will decide on that pretty soon.

One advantage of taking time to build is that I will now be able to install a nice set on the instrument panel. Old steam gauges as a backup for a nice electronic flight display.

I'm thinking about the Garmin 600 in combination with a G530 and or G430. As an alternative for the G600 the Evolution Flight Display (2) is considered.

Marcel Morrien



Marcel Morrien


Marcel Morrien lives in Wijk bij Duurstede, Netherlands. Email:

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