Dave Nason

Photo of Falco and caption

I was quite nervous the day of the first flight. I thought about the airplanes I flew in the Air Force. I decided, if I could do that, then I can do this. Ten seconds after the power came up, our Falco flew off just as advertised. I needed to hold right aileron and right rudder, which was to be expected.

To date I have about 12 hours and 20 takeoffs and landings. Each time I feel better about the plane and the handling characteristics. I thought it would be similar to the Bonanza, but it's lighter on the controls and faster.

Dave Nason

Tamera and Dave Nason

Dave Nason lives in Kent, Washington. Telephone: (253) 631-0191 Email: dtnason@msn.com

First Flight: Falco N227DT     Flying a Falco

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