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This Falco has been sold to Mike Spruce who lives on the West coast of the South island of New Zealand.



Dear Alfred,

The last time I wrote to you was when my parents died in their Falco. A sad time for a lot of people.

Today I write to you on a much happier note: I have bought a Falco, a Sequoia Falco!!! It is the one that Syd Jensen built in Kerikeri, New Zealand, many years ago.

I picked it up, together with George Richards, on Monday, and after a fantastic flight that took us from the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand all the way to Auckland. ZK-TBD is now parked in the very same hangar where ERNA was parked!

I am still excited about the whole thing: a life long dream has come true. As you know I was born in a Falco (I sort of get attracted to them -- I guess it is called 'imprinting'?), and I still remember when you came to Florence to meet my father and fly ERNA! I remember you having dinner at our place! And then the airport the next day, when Dad took you for a flight on his 'rocket.' Good memories, great memories!

I can only thank you for all that you have done for Falcos, and for believing in it all the way. It is because of this that today I can have a Falco. I have made my dream a reality!

Now I have a lot of work to do to make TBD fly faster and faster! I guess it runs in the family! More photos will come soon!


Giovanni Nustrini


Giovanni Nustrini

Giovanni Nustrini lives in New Zealand, and he is the son of Luciano and Giuliana Nustrini. Giovanni Nustrini, TECNAM LIMITED, 121 Victa Lane, Armdmore Airport, Papakura, AKL 0000, New Zealand. Telephone: 64 21 832626, fax: 64 9 2989148 Email: Visit his website at

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Here is a photo taken today after I took my daughter Jessica for her first flight in my Falco.

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