Mel Olson

  Mel sold his Falco to Howard Jones in 2006 after losing his medical.  

My prints arrived in October 1998. After assuring the finance committee it would be a 5- to 7-year project, I ordered the first kit (tail). It took a couple of weeks to clean up the garage, relocate vehicles, etc., and I was off and running. My dedication to the project has been referred to as an "obsession" but I am fortunate to have an understanding wife.

The manual was a terrific guide as far as preparation and progression throughout the project. The pictures pretty much tell the story. At this point, I am waiting for warm temperatures to complete that final step... painting. The upholstery is keeping me occupied in the interim.

I want to thank you for your support via telephone on those occasions when I had a problem with materials or technical questions.

Mel Olson

Wanda and Mel Olson

Mel Olson is a retired corporate pilot in Lewistown, Montana. Home: (406) 538-3853, Cell: (406) 366-2586 Email:

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