Jim Shaw

Jim Shaw with Falco Red 2008

Jim Shaw and Falco Red 2008. Jim Shaw was the third Falco builder to fly his plane back in 1985. Since then he’s finished his tour in the Air Force, flew for years with one of the airlines, and now operates the Soaring Wings Vineyard. And he has just introduced Falco Red, Nebraska Table Wine 2008. And, like the Falco, this is no ordinary wine. It recently won a Gold Medal at the prestigious Finger Lakes International Wine Competition.

If you would like to order the wine email the winery at info@soaringwingswine.com with your contact info and shipping address. There are many restrictions on shipping wine. There are more states that they cannot ship to than there are ones that they can. California, Colorado are fine. Contact Soaring Wings Vineyard, 17111 S 138th St, Springfield, NE 68059 (402) 253-2479 www.soaringwingswine.com

(Wine connoisseurs are often given to elaborate descriptions of the flavor of wines. That's all fine, however, considering that we are all airplane homebuilders, perhaps Falco builders should avoid the use of 'fruit' or 'nut' in their descriptions of Falco Red 2008.—Alfred Scott)


Jim Shaw owns Soaring Wings Vineyard, Springfield NE 68059. (402) 253-2479 www.soaringwingswine.com

First Flight, Jimmy Shaw