Marc Stamsta


So now that it’s flying, what are his thoughts?

“First, I can’t believe I actually own this airplane. It’s a Ferrari. It handles like a dream. But, with the flaps down it could be a 150 on landing, and it’s so smooth in the air. There is simply nothing like it.

“A side thought on this is that flying a Falco was always a dream of my CFI, Caris Fryatt, who is extremely sick right now, so in some ways, we’ve accomplished his dream as well as mine, and that makes me feel good.

“Unfortunately, I’ve priced myself out of the Falco market. I’m flying an airplane that is worth so much that it is no longer carefree aviating because I have to think about what it is worth. The responsible thing to do for my family is to sell it, and I probably will, but I love this airplane so much. I can just sit and look at it, and it’s almost as much fun as actually flying it.

“One side benefit of getting the airplane certified is that now it will last forever regardless of what happens to it. As long as that dataplate exists, the airplane exists. What has been built once, can be built again, but without that certified dataplate you have no starting point.”


Marc Stamsta

Marc Stamsta lives in Hartland, Wisconsin. (262) 966-4921


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