Jan Waldahl

  Jan Waldahl died in a crash of his Falco on May 9, 2002.  

"For every flight I have done since, I appreciate this aircraft more and more. You are right in every aspect, this aircraft is something special. I have been to another airport only once, and every mechanic on the field came out to have a look. When the Falco is sitting there on the ramp with its sleek lines, it is impossible to take your eyes from it. Thank you, Stelio Frati, for designing this wonder, and thank you, Alfred, for making it available to homebuilders."

Jan Waldahl

Jan Waldahl after the first flight in his Falco.

Jan Waldahl is a seaplane pilot in Sandane, Norway.

First Flight

Jan Waldahl: "My Falco seeing the sunset for the first time."