Jack & Mike Wiebe

Al Aitken, Jack and Mike Wiebe after the first flight

On Saturday morning (May 18, 2002), Falco C-FMWW flew for the first time. At our request, Al Aitken did the honours. Soon after, Al had me in the left seat, and I am now Falco qualified. A local instructor will be checking Dad out, but he and I went flying this morning (dodging snow showers -- what the hell kind of May weather is this? Even for Canada?).

It's still very early in the process and we're not sure what to expect. But so far 22"/2400 seems to cruise it about 170 mph IAS down low. I don't think we've got a particularly fast example of the breed, so this seems high. Especially without gear doors. But all the flying has been in bumpy conditions and I can't get good readings, let alone learn to hold it level! We need to calibrate airspeed before getting into any bragging discussions.

The only confirmed performance figure is the width of the smile on both Dad's and my faces. Empty weight is 1242 pounds (180hp). C of G is right in the zone. Stall is about 71 mph clean, 65 with flap. We've got a little rigging work to do. Left wing and left rudder are both a little heavy. Nothing you'd ever notice in a Cessna, but obvious in a Falco. What the hell -- we need something to fix on those rainy days.


Mike Wiebe


Best All-Wood at Sun 'n Fun


It seems that Dad and I have finally hit on the right strategy. Fly a wooden airplane to a state famous for termites, where competition is likely to be limited. Get judged quickly and leave before any of the little buggers take up residence.

This ain't no grand champeen, and it'll never be a Nason-mobile. But it's nice to be recognized just the same.

Mike Wiebe



Jack and Mike Wiebe

Jack and Mike Wiebe are a father/son team building a Falco in Canada. Jack Wiebe, 110 Lake Ave. Drive, Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada L8G 3N4. Telephone: (905) 662-7111. Mike Wiebe, 931 Montgomery Drive, Ancaster, Ontario L9G 3H6, Canada. Telephone: (905) 648-8488. Email: mwiebe@sympatico.ca


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