Beta Testing



If you are interested in WildTools 10.6:

BACK UP your current copy of WildTools.

I know there are problems in this version, so save often.

In PowerCADD, select WildTools Updates from the Help menu.

This will take you to a web page for WildTools 10.6.

Click on Download WildTools Development Version link.

Tool setups are turned off so that I can compile and run this. Now fixed.

There are many things that have been available for use but have expired. In WildTools 10.6, all of the expired tools and capabilities are back. This includes Importing Shapefiles, PixelTools, and many other things. These are all covered in the WildTools documentation.

The Door tool will operate in metric or imperial sizes. When you select the tool, there is a single button on the button dock, but when your mouse is over the button, it turns into a metric or imperial choice. Easy to understand once you see it.

Serious, Fatal Problems

We still have a crash if you Option-click on the Needle tool. Now fixed.

You will get a crash if you attempt to reshape a polygon by option-clicking on the object with the Polygon tool. This works fine with the Pen tool but not with the polygon tool and its cousins. Now fixed.

Other Problems

In previous beta versions, I had a problem with dimension text. It's now working right and you can clear up any display problems by changing the lengths of dimension lines by dragging the handles, Move Points, Trim, Nibble or other tools that operate on dimension lines.

We have a problem with getting the offset distance right for the Offset Line tool and other situations where you type a length in a dialog. I thought I had it right, but it appears I have more work to do. Now fixed.

The Area tool does not place anything because I have some link problems so the drawing is turned off for now. It's also not placing text with mechanical section line styes for the same reason. Now fixed.

The Wall Trim tool is better but still has some problems. The PowerCADD Wall Trim tool works fine.

You may enjoy seeing the new photos of my family and for Bill & Susan Stanley, Mike Cleveland and David Waizenegger in the Picture Frame tool dialog sample view, and also now in the WildTools documentation.

The Door tool will operate in metric or imperial sizes. When you select the tool, there is a single button on the button dock, but when your mouse is over the button, it turns into a metric or imperial choice. Easy to understand once you see it.

Recent changes:
New The Needle tool dialog now is fine and it no longer crashes when you Option-click the Needle tool.

New The Grid Line tool lets you place gridlines as hatch objects in a variety of grids. This worked fine in the shipping version but developed problems in WildTools 10.6. It’s now working fine

Tool setups are now back on. This means that each tool’s settings are stored on disk after you visit the tool’s dialog. Thus, your changes are now “remembered” between sessions of using PowerCADD and WildTools. Many thanks to Todd for getting the link problems worked out.

The Magic Wand tool is now working as it should and showing you what objects will be selected.

The display in the Favorite Lines tool icons is now working right. Again, thanks to Todd for getting the link problems cleared up. Note that you can option-click on an existing object in the drawing with the eyedropper cursor to adopt the attributes of a line style. The tool icon will show the line style, plus the line size, and in the tool’s dialog you can give a name to the style, say ‘water’, ‘sewage’, or any name you like.

There has been a lot of discussion about the Edit Window. When you select an object with the Selection Arrow tool, the Edit Window will show you the “standard display.” When you use a tool, the tool will set up the Edit Window with the fields that make sense to show in the drawing process. So if you are going to rotate an object, the rotation angle is the only thing you care about, and anything else is a distraction, so it only shows the rotation angle. So if you’re drawing a circle, the diameter is the only thing that is displayed and available to editing in the drawing process. When each tool is finished, it calls a ‘show info’ routine to show the standard display for the object.

I now have the yellow highlighting working better with the Join tool, but there are still problems. The idea is that when you click on an object, the tool will look ahead and show you all objects that be joined. It should work with every possibility of objects that can be joined together. I know there is a problem with polygons and beziers and we have a crash. Watch out, and save before trying this. Now fixed.

It’s not clear to me how many users understand the concept of favorites. The only clue is in a tool’s dialog, and you will see little plus and minus buttons on the right just below the display window. When you click on the plus button, you have saved the current setting of the tool as a favorite. Use the minus button to delete a favorite.

The following tools are now working:
--Area tool
--Section Line tool, with mechanical styles working
--Date Stamp tool
--Dimension Text tool
--Tolerance Needle tool

You can now use the Edit Window repeatedly with a tool.

The Door tool dialog now draws the wall end lines right.

Gradients are now working right in Doors & Windows, so the objects placed now look right, and the Tree Gradient tool works as it should.

Date Stamp Objects store the current mode, however objects placed with the current beta do not have this information stored and may result in a crash. Best approach is to delete the objects and place them again.

The Join tool crashes if you use it on polygons, bezier, splines, etc. Now Fixed.

Please report any problems in the WildTools Developments thread in the PowerCADD forum at I prefer open testing, and it's very annoying to have someone send me a note that I have to forward to others.


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