Here are pdf copies of the documentation and links to online help for WildTools. Of course, you already have a copy of this on the WildTools disk, but we're making it available here to make it easy to download for your iPhone or iPad.

WildTools 10.1.3
WildTools 10.1.3 Documentation
Updated 9/8/2016 to include vector icons in WildTools 10.1.3 v6

WildTools 10
WildTools 10 Documentation
For WildTools 10.0 per 9/2/2010
Read Me Seymour 10
Manuel WildTools 10 (French)
WildTools 10, Aide en ligne (French)

WildTools 9
WildTools 9 Documentation
Read Me Seymour 9
OpenClip Readme
Manuel WildTools 9 (French)
WildTools 9, Aide en ligne (French)

WildTools 8
WildTools 8 Documentation
WildTools 8 Web Help
Manuel WildTools 8 (French)
WildTools 8, Aide en ligne (French)

WildTools 7
WildTools 7 Documentation
Manuel WildTools 7 (French)
WildTools 7 Handbok (Swedish)


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