Joggle Tool


Joggle Tool
The Joggle Tool allows you to place two arcs at the end of a line, polygon, arc, B-spline or Bézier, or parallel objects of the same base type. These arcs are tangent to the end of the object and may be placed in the drawing as separate objects or appended as a Bézier.

This type of 'double fillet' is a common problem when drawing mechanical parts or gutters in architectural drawings.

In the tool's dialog, type the two radii. The standard PowerCADD math functions and mixed dimensional units may be used.

Delta R is the difference between the two radii. For the inside/outside joggle in sheet metal, this would be the thickness of the material. Type the Delta R, and it will be added to the smaller of the two radii. It will automatically calculate the larger radius.

If the To Scale option is selected, the radii will be to the drawing scale, if not they will be an on-paper size. Append as Bézier allows you to add the arcs to the end of a line, arc, B-spline, polygon or Bézier with the resulting object being a single Bézier. Non-Bézier objects will be converted to a Bézier.

To use the Joggle tool, place the cursor in the drawing area on the object, nearest the end of the object that you want to add the arcs to, and press the mouse button. You may click on a line or an arc. If you click on a polygon, B-spline or Bézier, it must be an open object.

Drag away from the object to set the direction of the arcs. The arcs are limited to 90-degree arcs at a maximum. Said another way, the maximum offset is the sum of the two radii. You may press the Option key to reverse the radii of the two arcs. This is helpful if you have an inside/outside junction with sheet metal. You may tab into the Edit Window to edit the offset. Release the mouse button to complete the operation.

The arcs will be placed in the drawing, and the attributes of the arcs are adopted from the object that you click on. If you have selected Append as Bézier, non-Bézier objects will be converted to a Bézier, and you will hear the distinctive 'convert sound' used in WildTools.


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