Measure Tool


Measure Tool
The Measure tool allows you to measure the distance and angle between two points. Also, the tool provides the ability to place text in the drawing for survey dimensions.

In the tool's dialog, choose Place Dimension Text if you want to place text objects in the drawing for survey dimensions.

Choose Dual Dimensioning if you want to see the lengths in both English and metric units. The second length is shown in English units if the current drawing setup is for metric units, and vice versa. The tolerances and units for the second length are the same as those set in the Dimensions Lines Dialog. The second length dimension is always displayed with the dimensional units.

Measuring the angle and distance between two points.

To measure between two points, you draw a line with the mouse. Place the cursor in the drawing area at a location that will represent the starting point of the measuring line. Press the mouse button.

Drag away from the starting point. As you move the mouse, a temporary line will follow the mouse. The length and angle of the line will be displayed in the Show Location bar and Edit Window. You may tab into the Edit Window to edit the dimension. If you do this, the Measure tool will place a reference point in the drawing at the length and angle of the Edit Window values (even if you don't edit these) from the starting point. In manual drafting terms, this allows you to measure from one point to another and 'make a tick mark' in the drawing. The reference points will not print.

Release the mouse button to end the measuring line.

If Place Dimension Text is selected, survey dimensions will be placed in the drawing.


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