Date Stamp Tool


Date Stamp Tool
The Date Stamp tool places a Date Stamp object in the drawing for the current date, time, date-and-time, file name or path name. The Date Stamp object is an External object that includes a single text object, and the objects update every minute, if you choose.

In the tool's dialog, choose what you want to place-date, time, date-and-time, file name or pathname.

Choose if you want the objects to be updated regularly. This happens every minute, unless you turn if off. If you have no Date Stamp objects in the drawing, you may want to turn this option off.

To place a Date Stamp object, place the cursor in the drawing at the location that you want to create the object and click. The object will be placed.

You may select these Date Stamp objects and assign Font, Font Sizes, and Styles in the standard way using Defaults Window or the Attributes menu.

The objects will be updated every minute, however there will be no change to the objects if no change is necessary.

There are three ways to keep one of these objects from updating:

  • Turn off the Update Regularly option in the tool's dialog.
  • Lock the object using the Lock command in the Arrange menu.
  • Convert the Date Stamp object to a text object with Ungroup or Convert to Group.


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