Tolerance Needle Tool


Tolerance Needle Tool
This tool allows you to edit dimensions using familiar eyedropper/needle actions. The tool adopts and injects the dimension units and accuracy, tolerance style, and tolerance amounts. These can be edited in the tool's dialog

The tool always has both U.S. and metric choices and the most recently adopted choice is shown at the top, and in a tool tip display that follows the cursor

The needle cursor will be green or red depending on the unit choice.


When you move the mouse over a dimension line, in addition to 'telling' you what it will be doing to that line, it will also show all of the dimension lines in the drawing appropriately colored for the U.S. or metric choice with a colored box around the dimension text, and it will highlight dimensions that have been edited (or "tweaked") so that it shows in an edited dimension that is not the calculated length of the line.


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