Picture Frame


Picture Frame Tool

With modern color printers you can add a framing mat around the photo, and print both the photo and the framing mat at the same time.  This is the purpose of this tool, but it should be quickly obvious that you can use these frames for presentation drawings and maybe even for drawing stepped gradations for raised panel and window muntins—if you really want to dress up a drawing.

In the tool’s dialog, you have color pickers for the framing mat and also for the core, which is where the framing mat is typically cut at an angle, revealing the interior color of the mat material. 

You have a choice of adding a shadow and also whether you have a core or not. 

You have the option of one or two ruled lines on the mat, and if no core is selected, then these choices apply to simple gold framing lines.

You have a choice of a number of styles of mats, cores and framing.

The first two color pickers use colors that are commonly used for picture framing, and they are often pastel colors.  These may not be the best choices for frames, but the third color picker offers more appropriate options.

You can save and delete favorites in the dialog by using the plus and minus buttons, and you click on a favorites button to select it.



The tool also provides a slide show so you can see how the mats and frames will look with various photos.  In the past we have had a similar but more limited slide show in the WildTools 3D Cube, which has been eliminated by this bigger and better bit of foolishness of this programmer’s ‘Easter egg’.  There you can see a bit about me and the loves of my life.  As you can see, I am blessed with many wonderful people in my life, particularly exceptional women.  After visiting us a few years ago and meeting Meredith, Sara, Kakee and my mother, Matt Arnold sent me a note that “The women in your life are incredible.”  He’s right. And also around Christmas when Sara and Kakee were home, I was talking to my older brother who was feeling lonely, and he asked “How do you keep yourself surrounded by so many beautiful women?”  With no hesitation or forethought, I answered “Personal magnetism and virility.”—Alfred Scott



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