Swirl Tool


Swirl Tool
WildTools deserves a few tools that walk on the wild side. The Swirl tool duplicates selected object in a spiral.

Things like this.

The Swirl tool duplicates selected objects in a spiral.

You can scale and rotate the objects, scale the line weights and blend colors.

The tool is limited to a maximum of 1500 duplications in the Distribute mode, 0.5 degree in Repeat mode and to 450 windings.

Because of the risk that you will start a new spiral-of-spirals, the tool falls out when you complete a spiral.

The Swirl tool will swirl bitmaps, but this can be agonizingly slow, even on the fastest machines, so the tool will only draw a rectangle as you move the mouse.

Phil Loheed creates some Christmas wrapping paper


Alfred Scott creates an image for his daughter's iBook's desktop.


Mark Rhodes and Princess Emma


Derek Dubout did this.


And this, but still hasn't found a use for it.


And these with objects created with the Cloud tool.



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