Transformation Tools


Transformation Tools

WildTools contains a new type of tool that operates on selected objects, shown in the first two rows above. The third row contains tools which allow you to operate on selected areas of the drawing.

These tools are extremely powerful and require some getting-used-to. However, once you master them, you will find they will dramatically speed up the drafting process. The Linear Move, Linear Repeat and Rotate tools are the most commonly used tools, but all of the tools serve a valuable function.

There are a number of important advantages offered by these tools and their method of operation:

  • You can operate on a number of different objects without grouping them.
  • You are not required to click directly on an object and thus you may indicate the geometry of the move, duplication or rotation by mouse movements that are not related to the selected objects.
  • In the process of indicating the move, duplication or rotation with the mouse, you may click directly in the handles of existing objects with impunity. This allows you to click on the end of a selected line and move it, but not stretch it.
  • In the process of using the mouse to indicate the move, duplication or rotation, you may tab into the Edit Window to edit the offset length-and-angle or rotation angle.
  • You may Option-click on an existing line or arc in the drawing to define the move, duplication or rotation. This allows you to carry out these operations in a precise manner by using a construction line or arc.

These tools are highly innovative, and they allow you to duplicate and rotate objects with a flick of the mouse. In particular, the Linear Repeat tool is unique in its ability to duplicate objects at a specified offset. The farther you drag, the more objects are duplicated. Repeated patterns of lines or rectangles for studs, windows or parking lot spaces are easy.


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